Lucky number 13.

Here’s a subtle cultural difference you don’t think about that often as a dual New York-Israel citizen.

In Israel – as in Judaism in general – 13 is a great number. It’s the number when a boy becomes a man, at least mitzvot-wise.

In Anglo culture – or is it Christian culture? European culture?  – the number 13 is not a reference to the Bar Mitzvah, but an unlucky number that must be avoided. For my American side, the number 13 conjures up thoughts of black cats and witches; pretty much Halloween.

I have heard of very old-school high-rise buildings in New York that were built to ‘skip’ the 13th level; who would want to live or work on such an unlucky floor?

That includes the office building where I work while I’m here in New York. Here’s the solution:

A little American ignorance never hurt anyone, eh?

To be fair, Israelis (and Jews) are plenty superstitious. It’s just not concerning the number 13.





3 responses to “Lucky number 13.”

  1. Shara Avatar

    I totally didn’t notice that when I was there. Ha!
    Way to be observant, Lizard!

  2. David H. Avatar

    And I think there are some buildings that go from 12 to 14 without an intermediate floor.

    Hmmm…. maybe all those missing 13th floors are where all the lost socks are.

  3. Ehav Ever Avatar

    Interesting post. Yeah, I guess those missing floors are also where lost pens an pencils dwell.

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