The British know what they're doing.

Everyone knows that Israelis can’t drink. I mean, anything classier than vodka-red bulls. Well, they might be able to sip a nice whiskey if they actually tried it once in a while.

So how do we expect them to not tax good liquor a million percent, thus reducing any chance of making decent booze affordable to the immigrant public? And I don’t mean Russians, who seem to not mind the ten shekel vodka.

So the British embassy made a very smart move when they hosted a ‘scotch drinking party’ on Thursday night. Displaying and offering classy scotches imported from the UK, they essentially forced Israeli higher-ups to drink and be merry and thus perhaps giving this booze taxation a second thought (if they could still think clearly by then). Scotch is a major export from the UK, so the self-interest was there.

What better way to make a point?

Get the full lowdown at ynet.





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