Modiin’s Anava Park.

On Friday, I returned with my home-peeps to the poor man’s Central Park in Modiin (for the record, it’s called Anava Park, פארק ענבה במודיעין) for a kid-friendly experience in daylight.

The main draw for me was the boating (pedals, row, or kayak). Koala’s mama grew up on an island, his pops is from a bay, and it was about damn time he experience a boat ride.

You can rent a lil boat and spend 15, 30, or 45 minutes moving around the big man-made lake. There’s also a kiosk for snacks and drinks. Plenty of grass for a picnic. And… and… a GIANT playground of awesomeness.

What? Koala wanted to go, I just followed along.

I highly recommend it… but more so in September or October or other non-melty months. It’s a lot of open space with barely any shade. And being on the water is fun, but not being able to jump in is less so.





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