You gotta squeeze Z hummus…

Ever wanted to squeeze your hummus? My brother introduced me to this new company started by, oh c’mon, who else but an Israeli guy named Ami (from Beer Sheva) living States-side in Marlboro, New Jersey.

Squeeze Z Hummus launches the FIRST ever squeezable hummus product in over 20 New York grocery stores. Available in 3 flavors, “Classic, Spicy, and Dill” in both 10 and 18 oz squeeze bottles. Squeeze Z Hummus is groundbreaking, as it is poised to be the next generation of condiments, NO MORE DOUBLE DIPPING!

My favorite part is that he originally wanted to, unoriginally, call the brand ‘Zohan Hummus’ but got called out by Sony – or so the tale goes. On the about page you can see a leftover mention of Zohan in the fifth paragraph.

I guess the idea is to Americanize ze chumus, since Americans wouldn’t want to double-dip, get crumbs in the tub, or take out a knife and spread things.

Kol hakavod, Ami.

Brought to you by: Only in America.

Dedicated to: Benji and his hummus bride.





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