How did you do it?

Funny how, so often, for so many, aliyah means getting on a plane with three bags instead of two.

That’s how I did it. I had school plans in the near-distant future, a few phone numbers. Knowing I could go back and visit New York at the right price.

No pressure-aliyah. With a five year guarantee (and counting…)

It seems like that is how my brother is doing it – tomorrow, in fact. Which means I reach a new stage – the ‘family in Israel,’ the ‘other one,’ the ‘first one.’

Trying to give my brother packing tips. You get it down after a few times back and forth.

They even have Reese’s here, if you look hard enough.

How did you do it? Make aliyah?







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  1. Gil Avatar

    Came for a grad school program that was a joint program with a US university and in English. That was my minimal pain transition. Mazal Tov on your brother’s Aliyah!

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