Free to be… sixty three.

Had a great day, especially since Park Begin wasn’t a disheveled, polluted mess by the time it ended! I love how a bunch of immigrant friends can get together, no local family aside, and have a great time of a national holiday.

To the %#@! asshole who let his Doberman Pinscher run loose through groups of families in the park: seriously, fuck you. Your giant dog, which should have been tied up (or not at a family park on a national holiday) ran past my traumatized kid, sunk his teeth into his ball, tore it apart, ran through another family making their kids freak and their baby cry, then you yelled back at the mother who dared call you out on it, and  when you finally caught your dog and started walking away, you didn’t even apologize until we prompted you to. What I really want is to call you at home and have my kid leave a message on your machine, where he says the sentence he’s been repeating all day in a sad, traumatized voice since I explained to him why he can no longer play with his ball in the grass: doggy broken… doggy broken…

<throat clear, dust off shoulder>

I love this country, I love living here, and feel incredibly lucky to be making my life in this place the last six years. I just wish the same for anyone else who’s looking to attempt it.






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