Bebe update: Three months.

Let’s share a warm welcome with Bebe, fresh out of the fourth trimester.

How do I appreciate you, little one? Let me count the ways.

  1. You are delicious. Your face is actually edible; not in a creepy Twilight way, but in a way that I could take bites of you and it would never be too sweet.
  2. You are my calm after the storm. I know it’s unacceptable to compare kids, especially when talking to your kids. Koala is amazing, but let’s face it, Beebs – he’s a storm and you’re the calm. You take it as it comes. You complain little, and when you do, you’re a kitten about it. You have a boiling point, to be sure – let’s not forget whose daughter you are. But until it’s reached, you try all other outlets. Maybe world leaders could learn from you.
  3. You’ve doubled my excitement over being a mom. Being a mom in general is one thing, and now I’m a mom to a daughter… Jokes aside… It’s a relationship I held sacred as a girl among brothers. Now I get the chance to feel the other side of the equation, and share everything I’ve gained with you.

I’ll stop at three to celebrate your monthly milestone, but stay tuned for more, Bebe. We’ve only just begun…






2 responses to “Bebe update: Three months.”

  1. Hannah Avatar

    Bodysuit from H&M??

  2. elie Avatar

    Haha, Old Navy.

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