First day(s).

Two kids, double the first day blues.

Well, I’ll admit: there’s nothing blue about Koala going to gan.  Sorry, but I’m not sorry. That kid has too much energy to be cooped up in a house while mama works. It’s for your own good, goddamit!

Bebe, however. That’s the sadness. It was rough sending Koala to the metapelet that first week. He didn’t look me in the eye. It was weird. It was hard. It’s the first tangible losing control of your kid. In a tiny amount, sure, but still. I’ve controlled everything so far. Now, there are unknowns, pockets of time throughout the day I will never have witnessed.

But, I like my metapelet (it’s round two) and I’m ready to go back to work properly. It’s a balance, being a working mom.





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