Bebe update: Five months.

My favorite thing of all time right now:

No one makes Bebe laugh like Koala does. He doesn’t even have to do anything major. Maybe he’s wiggling his bum. Maybe he’s opening and closing his mouth while staring into space. But if Bebe is there and watching, all of a sudden she’s cracking up in her goofy snorty laugh.

Oh, how every little girl wants a big brother!

Aside from laughter, we started with her new daycare situation, which, much like everything else Bebe does, has not been dramatic or stressful. She is and she lets things be.

Her appetite has intensified as aside from nursing, sucking my shoulder, and eating my hair, she is devouring fruits, now up to three kinds a day.

Yet she’s still pretty small. Little Bebe, looks just like her daddy. Blue eyes turned hazel. Grabbing, cooing, floor-swimming.

And the occasional plant-watching.





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