Looking for a New Year’s resolution?

Are you already so totally awesome, you haven’t been able to come up with a way to be an even better person this year?

If you’re seeking out a new year’s resolution during these עשרת ימי תשובה and are at a complete loss, Ariella Barker  is here to offer a new idea. Served up in a guest column to the Jerusalem Post:

Social justice for people with disabilities

As we dismantle the tents and celebrate the new affordable housing grants and initiatives, we should now demand social justice for our friends and family who have been injured defending our country or who were born less physically privileged than we are. If we, the Israeli people, are brave enough to live in tents for the sake of affordable living, we should be courageous and selfless enough to unite and refuse to shop, dine or support, in any way, places of public accommodations and services, which discriminate against the disabled. Together, we should stand up for those who can’t.

Personally, the first challenge will be to keep it in mind throughout the year, especially when I’m out without anyone physically disabled. But a first step is probably to take a second and consider: if you can’t get your baby’s stroller through/up/down it, then a person in a wheelchair definitely can’t.






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