Fifty-Two Frames: Themeless.

Ten years ago, a dozen or so of my college friends banned together and got me a birthday gift in honor of my impending semester abroad: a Canon EOS Rebel, my first and only SLR.

We had a ball together, but then came digital, and I’ve been mainly rocking out to little Elphs ever since. At the risk of getting all meta here, you may have noticed I dabble in a lil amateur awesomeness right here on this very blog.

So I’m expanding my ‘horizon’ and joined…

Fifty-Two Frames is a collaboration of artists who ‘gather’ weekly and share their best work based on a weekly theme, which is posted every Sunday/Monday on the Facebook page. It started in 2011 and is now about to rock its second year. It’s a project started by Yosef Adest, a Tel Aviv-based photographer and videographer (who I happen to know enjoys a word association game on occasion).

My first entry for the first week…

Week 1: Themeless

My ‘themeless’ photo is brown, cold, and… themeless.

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