To Ayelet Yakira Galena, z’l

Ayelet –

Who are you, that I’m sitting here crying openly in public while reading the tragic news your parents just posted?

I never met you, I never spoke to you, I never held you, but through you parents’ amazing capacity for sharing and including all of us – thousands of people across the world, mothers, fathers, fellow Jews, friendly non-Jews, Americans, Israelis, internationals, people who know your parents personally and people who don’t – in your family’s need, we got to know you and be with you and fall in love with you as you fought so hard the cruelty you were handed in life.

It makes me wonder, Ayelet, how a sweet pure thing can be born into such hardship. Even more, it makes me wonder how there are people in this world who would choose to bring that on children – through violence, through terror, through abuse – when instead they could serve our world’s children with kindness, care and love…

I hope all of us carry your memory forward, and appreciate every aspect of goodness, especially health, we should always see in ourselves, our kids, our families, while working together to ward off the bad that humanity tends to bring into the world, in ignorance or with purpose.

To your parents: may they be blessed with even more good in their lives, born from the goodness they had in you, Ayelet, which they will forever cherish… All three of you have been an inspiration in love and dedication.

Baruch Dayan HaEmet.





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  1. elie Avatar

    To donate in Ayelet’s memory, Gift of Life Foundation:

    [notice the comments section – *If this gift is being given in honor or memory of an individual (or couple/family/group), please specify the occasion, the name of the individual(s), and a mailing address for sending an acknowledgment card.]

  2. Poor Princess Avatar

    Thank you for writing this. I think so many of us share these sentiments today.

  3. Broken Heart Avatar
    Broken Heart

    “I’m sitting here crying openly in public while reading the tragic news your parents just posted…”

  4. Michelle Avatar

    To Ayelet Yakira’s parents – So sorry for your loss. I am one of many bereaved parents who are here for you when you are ready.

    Michelle/Gilad’s mom –

  5. Michelle Avatar

    Is this the parents’ blog?

    1. elie Avatar

      Hi Michelle – no, it’s not. We have a lot of mutual friends but I don’t know them personally. You can definitely leave a message on the Facebook page:

  6. Miriam Schwab Avatar
    Miriam Schwab

    I also cried when I read about her passing, and I don’t really understand why. I never met her, I barely know anything about her and her family. But the thought of a child going through such suffering, and then passing away…it’s too hard to bear. Baruch dayan emet.

  7. Pnina Avatar

    This is heartbreaking. I didn’t know you at all until I read the sad news of your death. I sat here numb and tears rolling down my eyes without being able to speak. No words can describe such a loss. I really feel for your parents losing such a beautiful child. I hope your memory stays forever!

  8. Sara Sharvit Avatar
    Sara Sharvit

    To Ayelet’s dear parents,

    I read how you appreciate online messages, and take heart to what’s already been said about your sweet baby girl. I think I met you, Isaac, a few times in NY, and I know you’re friendly with my sister-in-law, Jenny Horwitz. I don’t really need to know the parents of this little soul who was taken too soon from this world, to share in my grief and sorrow for your loss – As much as you will learn to live with this hole in your heart, it will always be there, because your Ayelet will always be your heart, your light and your breath. It’s not easy to read this, and it won’t get easier…and that’s okay too. I just want you both to know that your daughter’s memory will live on, even to those who have never met her, but were well inspired by the story of her young, little life, her little heart, and the amazing love and devotion her parents have shown the world – Without wanting to be a hero, example or face of pain, do remember that your child will always live on, and so must you…

    I tend to listen to The Cure’s “Pictures of You” when I think of my own loss – As a family, I have a tradition of framing old photos of my brother, Mark, whenever I frame new photos of my family – He will always have the same number of framed photos as the rest of us..because he too, lives on.

    I wish you both strength, courage and love – Be good to yourselves, to each other, and to the life you shall have together…Your Ayelet is watching over you now, and she should see you smile, even through those unstoppable tears.

    My heart stands united with yours –
    Sara (Rosenberg) Sharvit

  9. Ben Tripp Avatar
    Ben Tripp

    I am mourning Ayelet Yakira’s passing. She was a true princess of Israel. A special Neshama beyond anyone’s comprehension .I truly believe her suffering and short life was not for naught..She is our Angel in Heaven..May she be a Meilitz Yosher for all Klal Yisrael in our time of need.

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