The state of Purim costumes in Israel: Sexy-blurry edition.

Ah, Purim. It’s quickly approaching. Its various timings fall out on March 7-9 this year.

And as it’s one of Israel’s favorite holidays – kids’ or not – the toy stores have been gearing up around Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh, and the advertisements have been sent in the mail. The brightly colored pages of ‘Purim’ costumes, from the little Disney princess to the gory undead zombie. From the murderous gladiator to the oddly sexy space hero.

Purim, right?

I’m not prude, and I’m not a zealot. I’m just a Jew with a sense of tradition. And this shit is whack, friends.

Click for closeups:


On the flip side, some charedi ads feature a host of modest and holiday-themed (or at least, Jewish-relevant) costumes. The national Red Pirate chain is now infamous for this with their recent Bet Shemesh campaign – with girls’ faces blurred out. Girls. As in, pre-teens with cute chubby faces and no clue.

So I think my Purim costume this year is clear: I’ll dress up as my own blurred face.

And if I really want to send a mixed message, I’ll pair the blurred face mask with a sexy zombie nurse costume.








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