Bebe update: Fourteen months.

She walks! She talks!

She’s the incredible, edible Bebe. Now in slightly snobby flavor.

And damn if you get in her way.

You want me to step towards you? Screw you. I’ll walk when I want to walk.

You want me to call you Ima? Guess what, for fun, you’re Abba this week.

You think you were done breastfeeding because of a nursing strike? Think again, and also, I’m pulling your shirt up for you now.

You think you’re the big brother around here? Too bad, you’ll follow me around and feel you need to copy my sippie cup habits. 

But only sometimes. Just to remind us. So we don’t take for granted the delicious, cuddly, snuggly, goofy, loving and curious creature you are.






One response to “Bebe update: Fourteen months.”

  1. Judy Labensohn Avatar

    Oy what a cutie. Her hair is gorgeous. And I love their wooden toys.

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