Lil Israeli farm zoo at Kibbutz Tzora.

Checked out a new kids’ attraction in our area today: the Eretz Yehuda farm-zoo at Kibbutz Tzora (about 5 seconds outside Beit Shemesh/Big Center).

Fun fact: Kibbutz Tzora is also where they make Teperberg wine. Mmmm.

It’s a nice place to spend up to two hours with small kids. You can pet the roaming goats, prance with roaming deer, hee haw with the donkey, chase chickens, and see a few native Israeli animals like foxes and hyrax (senior year YOF Tanach class, anyone?).

There’s also a ‘gymboree’ area with old farm tractors and makeshift car rides.

It’s 25 shekels for kids and 15 for adults and open every day but Shabbat.





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