Bebe update: Sixteen months.

Last week, Bebe insisted on ‘walking’ up the two flights of stairs to our apartment, holding the railing and alternating between her feet and knees to pick herself up to the next step.

As we got to the top, she indicated I should give her the house key (which I did) and then with a boost from mama, helped put the key in and unlock the front door.

Walking up the stairs by herself – check. Unlocking the door – check. I think she’s got the skills she needs to get home after a night out in college.

The ‘terrible two’ is also starting to peek out from behind the independence Bebe has been showing. Bring it, Bebe.

On the flip side, she’s got hints of a girlie side going on. I think that’s just me assigning societal standards on a 16-month-old. I found her in my flip flops pushing her toy stroller, and then holding her stuffed cow saying “boobah boobah,” and later clambering for my hair clip and putting it in her own hair.

Then again, Koala did the same exact stuff.





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