Tzur Hadassah update: The border town gets border police

Hello and welcome to our border town. It looks like we’re finally getting border security treatment.

Back in the summer I noticed these posters go up at either entrance to Tzur Hadassah, and during the Gaza operation, we were emailed by the va’ad about some new details.

When it comes to Tzur Hadassah and security, it’s a touchy subject. For as long as w’eve been here, and before, car thefts have been fairly common during appropriate seasons, and we’ve heard of more than one house robbery during high periods (including our neighbors).

It’s a bit of a contradiction here; it feels so safe being out in the hills, but on the other hand, the seclusion can be a little intimidating at times.

Anyway… the משמר הגבול presence has definitely been upped.





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