Searching Naftali Benn- oof, go home, Bibi, you’re drunk.

Wow. So, this just happened.

Heard HaBayit HaYehudi front runner Naftali Bennett got snotty on his Facebook page today, so I went to check it out. Typed out his name and –

Oh, hello, Bibi Netanyahu. You crashed yet another party. Living your meme, much?

Or are you a lil afraid you will one day soon* no longer be the life of the parties?

*after another term with Avigdor and Shas, of course, thankyouverymuchfellowIsraelivoters.

Naftali Bennett - oops - Bibi

Disclaimer: I’m not voting for either guy. But here’s a fun way to choose your fav.

Disclaimer #2: I swear I didn’t see that tiny gray text under the drop down in the screenshot until just now (but answer the question, Naftali).


Chuck Norris endorses Bibi – for real, yo. You’re screwed now, Bennett.

(h/t @mordecaiholtz)


3 responses to “Searching Naftali Benn- oof, go home, Bibi, you’re drunk.”

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  2. Laura Ben-David (@LauraBenDavd) Avatar

    Love the Chuck Norris thing! Great post Liz

    1. Liz Avatar

      Chuck’s always got something up his sleeve… Here’s to four more days! And thanks!

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