Fifty-Two Frames: Tell a Story

Did you know? Romeo & Juliet are frozen in time, trapped in a cave on the Israeli hillside.

There’s an inside joke in my family: got visitors coming from abroad? Take ’em to the stalactite cave. Ok, it’s not funny. But we find ourselves at this fascinating, nerdy, science-ridden cave of wonders once a year or two.

Soreq Cave, Avshalom Cave, מערת הנטיפים or just plain old stalactite cave (poor stalagmites always being put down) is a natural wonder hundreds of thousands of years in the making. It was discovered accidentally while workers were blowing up hill sides for quarry.

Week 4: Tell a Story

So close, yet frozen in time…

[From the Soreq stalactite cave, considered the ‘Romeo & Juliet’ of stalactite/stalagmite pairs, formed over thousands of years as water dripped down but eventually dried up, alas, causing the star-crossed pair never to meet…]


If you’ve never been, definitely check it out. It offers a trippy hour or so of entertainment. It’s located between Nes Harim and Bet Shemesh, off road 3866. I’d hazard a guess that most kids under three won’t enjoy/appreciate it much. FYI, the floor inside the cave is slippery, it’s obviously quite dark, and also humid/cool. Good for a hot day.



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