Aaaaand my daughter ate a crayon.

I look up from the table. Bebe bounds towards me, Buddha belly first, emanating tubby tummy joy.




“Cracker.” She’s pointing to her mouth which is covered in…

“What? What is that? There’s no crackers here…”

It looks like chocolate. “Did you go into my special cabinet?” I ask her, with a suspicion that foreshadows ten years from now.

Together we glance at the cabinet and then turn back to each other.

“Nooooo…” Her head shakes.

“So what is…” The floor is littered with crayons.

I look back at Bebe, her mouth open wide. She’s pointing inside.

“Did you…?!” I take a chunky chocolate crumb from her cheek and glide it on a scrap of paper.

“Did you eat a crayon?! My girl ate a crayon!” I started to nu nu nu her but, what the hell. I laughed and hugged her and laughed some more while she kept her mouth open wide, crayola bits in her teeth, the corners of her lips turned up for a smile.






8 responses to “Aaaaand my daughter ate a crayon.”

  1. Yosef - This American Bite Avatar

    My life feels a little more normal now. I feel like our own crayon eating incident can only be surpassed by the time our babysitter “apologized” for letting our 2 year old eat dog food.

    1. Liz Avatar

      I have to admit when I read that I assumed it meant the babysitter actually opened a can and gave it to him because he asked… Forgot you have a dog!

  2. jill Avatar

    we used to chew crayons like bubble gum (many years ago !)

    1. Liz Avatar

      did they taste as wonderful as their names imply?

      1. jill Avatar

        actually, I didn’t mind the taste, but they were kind of messy – didn’t stick together at first – we would color on my Grandparents stairway – lots of memories

  3. Raffe Gold Avatar

    Your kids take the definition of ‘adorable’ and smash it to pieces before restructuring it into some sort of awesome new term.

  4. evidworkis Avatar

    wow – non-toxic I hope? Better than eating poop – my kids shoved their poop in their mouth once. ew. gross.

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