Bebe update: Twenty three months

Hi B.

We discovered tea parties this month. You’re a natural… Not sure how you already knew to pour so well. You must get that from your father.

It’s all in good fun, even when you’re smothering your guests with your ferocious love.

Or tenderly picking flowers and crushing them in your tiny hand.

You’ve started asking to try mama things. Like wearing my boots. Putting on my deodorant. Using hand cream (which apparently works great over jeans, shirts, in hair, and eyes). And on the rare occasion I put on a lil makeup, you’re right there saying אניייי!

But you’re also trying brother things… in a really major way. Actually, one thing that stands out this month is how much you copy everything he does.

Maybe it’s a girl thing. But you’ve got your lil bffs picked out. I hope you have it as good as I did.

Can’t believe you’re just about two, Bebe.





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