Move over Tel Aviv; Yafo is a great day

A few weeks ago we trekked down to Yafo to give the city a little spin. I’ve never actually spent much time there aside from venturing in-and-out for conferences (and apparently writing about it very briefly). We basically parked at the beach and walked up through the port and then towards the center, through the Jaffa Flea Market – Shuk Hapishpeshim – and then back.

It was sweet.

There’s actually all kinds of history as the ancient port city of Israel, read up. I also enjoyed feeling like a tourist in some old Mediterranean seaside town. Which, luckily, is what it is.

Here are my favorite photos, which speak for themselves. And also, go to Jaffa.

Lots of fisherman. Lots of fish. Lots of fish restaurants.

A rare (for me) view of Tel Aviv.

Walking towards the port from the parking lot, passing through art galleries.

That vintage look works on Yafo.

Port style.

Jaffa is not too cool for the Segways.

Everything is relative.

On the way to the market.

Shuk Hapishpeshim – literally, flea market.

Lots of fleas, actually.

How fun to adopt this guy.

See you later, Jaffa!







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