So that’s what an Oedipus Complex looks like.

Experienced quite the strong Oedipus Complex of a 4-year old… (I officially apologize to both AP English and Psychology 101 for the doubt).

After sleeping in my bed with me last night, Koala decided:

“Ima, I want to be the abba again tonight and sleep with you.”
“But I sleep with Abba!”
“I want to be an Abba.”
“So get married.”
“I am married.” Looks at his sister.
“Great, so you sleep with Bebe and I sleep with Abba.”

All of a sudden… he’s wailing as if he’s been thrown into this emotional hell of pain and rejection… “But I want to be the abba with you…”

So huz let him walk a few steps in an abba’s underpants.

(Maybe huz ought to keep one eye open while asleep tonight).





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