Nettles update: five months

It would happen eventually, Nettles.

Your first wartime.

So we did that and then picked up when it seemed like the end was close (I think one of the faux cease fires was during our flight?).

The America trip.

You’ve been smiling your way through it all – new family members, passing strangers, my childhood friends. My childhood friends’ babies.

And in following the footsteps of your brother and sister – and let’s face it, your mom, and at least a couple of your uncles – you were pumped at the idea of food.

Also, see ya. You’ve been moving clockwise for a while, but your movement has evolved into probably what the first fish with feet tried doing to get out of the water.

That, and a lot of skydiving…

At five months, you’re one of the gang. It’s no secret there’s plenty you’ll get to do before they did. And in most ways, that’s more about me than it is about you. But based on who you’ve been so far, I’m more than confident that you’re going to do a great job keeping up

The time’s moving so fast. You’re moving so fast. Next month I’m starting to work full time, your siblings will be back in gan, and you’ll be on your own in a surrogate family for the days.

Don’t forget to write, Nettles.





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