Bebe update: three and a half years

And like that, you were three. Bigger, a little bolder, a lot brighter.

This hasn’t been the easiest half a year for you Bebe; gaining a little sibling is wonderful as you know, but also kind of challenging, as you know… right?

Your love and warmth and all-encompassing care for your baby sister has been inspiring. Your hugs and cuddles and kisses have been (mostly) warmly received by this very lucky little baby.

But on perhaps a weird level, I’m also so proud of you – for the outspokenness when you need to be heard. For acting out when you feel out of sorts. For refusing, rebelling, for stamping your feet.

Your curiosity is budding. More likely to jump in, more likely to explore – and this was always true – way more likely to get your hands (and everything else) dirty for the sake of knowledge.

Along those lines – the building. You love to get your hands in there, putting together houses and towers and any other abstract construct.

Let the record show I’m vocal about making sure you get the same Lego attention as your brother.

You’ve always been about movement – whether doing your natural full split or, well, walking into walls. This year you’ve started a ballet class, which, can you guess, that you love it?

You ‘read’. To your baby sister. It’s the best reading ever.

And your baby doll is still following us everywhere.

Friends have always been and ever-growing an important part of your daily life. It’s most of what you talk about when I ask you how gan was.

We drink ‘coffees’ together.

You are the swimmer to Koala’s paper pool. The explorer to his wild plans.

There are things about you becoming a teenager that I find downright frightening. And there are others I think will be fun – like watching you get dressed every day. Some days you put on whatever we put out… and some days, you make magic (which I will get a photo of at some point).

Walk your own way, Bebe.






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