Zooey update: four years

You might think, Zooey, that as the fourth or last to do something, it would be less exciting. We’ve seen the others take steps, we’ve seen the others ride bikes, we’ve seen the others draw a face for the first time.

But that’s not what makes you, or any of you, special or interesting; the value isn’t in what you do necessarily – it’s the character you apply to it.

So… there’s plenty left to laugh about, laugh till we cry about… that type of parental energy resource is unlimited. And you’re a case in point.

The youngest watches. The youngest learns. Like a human AI, which is kind of a dumb phrase. But watching behaviors, recording behaviors, and then acting when the time is right. With a great – truly great – joke. With a strong tantrum. With a soft nuzzle or hug.

You have plenty of material. Your older sisters can make you nuts, ignore you, or use you – c’mon, there’s no state secrets here – but you are taking it and getting smarter. In you retorts. In your letting go. In your making them understand how much you look up to them.

And at four – especially at four – you are really ripe for joining right in on the fun… leading me to really feel the FOMO that I never had my own sisters.





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