Bebe update: ten years

I’d say that over the last decade, this feeling I’m about to describe has always been present in amounts, more often taken for granted – the swath of peace that came with you as a newborn, the displays of empathy that radiated from you as a toddler, the abundance of friendliness you have displayed as a grade schooler.

But in the last year, I have found this to come out in full form, from behind a curtain, where childhood crosses over into pre-adolescence.

I don’t know what I did to deserve the honor of raising this child. Sometimes I look at you and think – it’s amazing how by some combination of DNA and universal force you were put here through us as your parents, as a precious existence on this planet, and I mean that wholeheartedly because from day 1 there was an aura around you. A peace, a goodness. And I know, am sometimes painfully aware, that I have not always appreciated it enough in the moment. It’s the people oozing goodness that are easier to take for granted, right?

It’s you, Bebe. It’s the projects you put together to show your teachers love. It’s the way you problem solve. It’s the way you open yourself to people. It’s your being able to see the bigger picture and give whatever you have in service to it. It’s your being happy with what you have. It’s your ability for emotional mindfulness, without letting overthinking block you from doing.

There is no perfect string of words that I could compile to fully express how incredible you are. Your ability to see the bright side or move on. Your kindness, your generosity, your caring. You teach me about these traits every day. So much about our make-up is similar, but on my own I’ve never managed to share all of me out in the world in the way you can; I don’t have enough of what makes you incredible to claim credit. But a decade in, I learn from you all the time. I become inspired by you all the time. More importantly, I’m trying actively see you with everything you are every day, while loving you as deeply as I can.





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