Bebe update: eleven years

Been trying to remember what it was like being 11. It definitely wasn’t like how you do even 10, to be honest. So mature, so ahead of your time, and still so fun-loving and free and not bothered by what other people think.

Let’s start with sister – man I wish I had an older sister like you. Your younger sister adores you, so wildly beyond anything you see with your own eyes. And why not? You’re a force. You’re fun. You like singing, and you just do it. It was a pleasure – mostly – getting you a karaoke machine for your birthday…

Yes, corona times have been weird. But your creativity has shone throughout. Like the nail salon you opened up, complete with video advertisement and business jacket (which you love borrowing from my closet to be Boss Lady who demands ‘the sheets’).

Watching your brother prepare for bar mitzvah has been a curiosity for you; it’s also interesting how you take for granted that you’re choosing to read at your own bat mitzvah in a year. We’re not pressuring you in any way, just letting you make the call… It’s awesome we live in a time/place where that is taken for granted.

Corona times have been endlessly weird. Endlessly frustrating, enlightening, anxiety-inducing, and very much learning periods. We have been doing this ‘diary’ throughout; you’re the only one who’s kept it up. One day we’ll look back at it… In the meantime, I think as much as this period has been a lot… it’s also been an opportunity for you to explore opportunities. And you don’t let down on the front… ever. 






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