Koala update: thirteen years

Onward teenager!

It’s a bizarre time… Gone (temporarily, I promise) are the days of babbling and bright eyes and demanding of the world.

In: hooded sweatshirts, always up. Sorting through developing dark humor. Navigating new friends at new school, which involves a fair share of fast food, Marvel movies and midweek sleepovers.

It feels like you hold a lot in, you choose what to let out and what to solve on your own – I suppose, this is the way, right?

We finally did the ‘cut’ – the donation cut to Zichron Menachem. I wonder if one day that process will mean something different than what it did in the moment… gut feeling is, neither of us was actively aware of the whole story there. Nevertheless, you stuck it out and did something generous and wonderful.

You’ve been figuring out your interests going into this new phase… mainly social, no matter how much screen time that entails. You’ve got a sense of  balance when it comes to going offline with friends – a critical formula (and maybe kinda rare sense) these days.

Corona times have been weird, but there have been positives – and one clear one is your bond with your sisters. Absolute, hands-down clear effect. They notice it too, and going into Bar Mitzvah time, it’s all way more meaningful to them to see you journey through the process, too. You’ll never be alone if you remember and appreciate that your sisters are there, watching and genuinely happy for you, with you, well, most of the time. 






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