Maus and me.

If you’re around my age, we never really had the opportunity to read Maus as young kids; at least I didn’t, I think it was too new or we were just already so exposed to meeting and being related to Holocaust survivors, it wasn’t so necessary. I started it recently; I read the second half this past shabbat, completely forgetting this week includes Yom Hashoah. I found it EXCRUCIATING to read as an adult. My impression is that for kids, they won’t see it the same way, they will see it in their own child POV. But as a functional adult with children, belongings, a bank account… it hit me in a very sort of pragmatic way.

Suddenly, the tekes last night – which I went into very distracted – was one of the hardest for me to sit through in years, since having newborns.

I am sharing this basically to say – there’s always a different way to relate to the horrific history we hold… it’s never going to get ‘old’ unless we completely shut it out…

If you haven’t read Maus, which is clearly written for everyone – it’s not too late and I recommend that you do.






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