Some make a habit of exaggerating the bleakness of our civil future here in Israel, many many more make a habit of not relating to it enough.

The reckoning is creeping even slower than you’d imagine; bursting those bubbles is harder than you think. So tonight was the second in a series of motzei shabbat protests that have been ignited since Bibi’s government, the most sketchy in our history, has taken its seats in Knesset.

I joined the Jerusalem one; I knew it would be smaller, quieter, and generally misplaced (protesting at Beit HaNasi instead of the Prime Minister’s residence doesn’t make sense to me; even more nonsensical, is why we do this at night, on probably the most convenient night of the week, and not during the day outside Knesset, disrupting the everyday or stopping traffic or being otherwise menacing).

With those questions, and more… I leave it at this:

I would have felt bad not going, but feel sadder having gone.





Whadya got: