Horse pills

“Together we’ll win” (יחד ננצח) is lovely wartime morale propaganda but we’re so far from together and the fact is getting more true and more painful and I have my own 2-part prescription for the country after we volunteered on a horse farm today for a woman whose been managing on her own since Oct 7th.

1. Everyone spends a day a month volunteering somewhere different from our hometown/demographic. We talk to the people we’re supporting, and the people we’re working shoulder to shoulder with. We hear about what their traumatic experiences have been like, what their post-trauma is shaping up to be, what fears torture them, and we share our own. More than that, we share our lifestyle, why we make the choices we make, what’s important to us, and what we have in common (hint: it’s often ‘kids come first’).

2. Hug a horse.






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