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  • Visiting and storytelling at Har Herzl on Israel’s Memorial Day

    A colleague who visits children of friends and neighbors, acquaintances and others at Har Herzl every year invited some of us to join him today on Israeli Memorial Day. I had never been there on Yom HaZicaron itself, so the experience was new. There’s a lot to see and hear. High school students. Scouts. Foreign […]

  • A day in the life

    7:50 Find out about the breaking news from a friend on Whatsapp 8:05 Make sure to give huz and kid #3 a solid goodbye 8:10 Have sinking feeling about letting your kids go for the day 9:45 Pick up kid #2 for speech therapy, feel excited because it’s bonus kid time 10:45 Drop kid #2 off at gan […]

  • Video marketing: so you *can* teach an old man new tricks

    I watched a lot of videos tonight. And they all made me happy. But none so happy as this: Ex-President of Israel (and ex-every other job) Shimon Peres goes job hunting. I’m extra happy there are subtitles so you can enjoy if you’re not from around here.

  • Maybe there’s really no such thing as a ‘lone’ soldier

    One thing I know about Max Steinberg z’l is he was a Jewish citizen of the world who took action for our people. Another thing I know about Max Steinberg z’l is that his actions brought together Jews of all kinds, pouring out from big and bigger rooms to comfort his mourning parents and siblings. […]

  • Israeli children and artistic expression: A war story in pictures

    Note: We did not ask our five-year-old to draw anything. We didn’t know what he had been up to when at around 7 this morning he came up to us holding a picture he drew. Turns out, it’s not a story about a disabled boy who has divorced parents. “Why are there two houses?” “One […]

  • Meat counter convo liz: So I guess I’m that person now

    Standing at the meat counter in the local supermarket. Guy to meat counter girl: “Yeah, everything is crazy, how are you doing?” Meat counter girl: “It’s so scary!” Me: “Hey, at least we know exactly when it’ll hit, it’s been evenings and that’s it.” Guy: “It’ll be quiet till tonight, till they’ve eaten and organized […]

  • Never normal.

    Living here is not normal. Life here pushes through – the normal, the stubborn, the ups, the downs – the not normal, the horror, the grief, the methods, the madness. Life here is limbo. Life here is business as usual. Life here is waiting. Life here is death. Life here is moving on. Life here […]

  • What’s more complicated than kidnapped teens, baby heart surgery, and life in Israel?

    What’s more complicated than kidnapped teens, baby heart surgery, and life in Israel?

    Day 10. My god. This country. What is more complicated than this goddamn country? This is a news segment on Channel 10 [Hebrew] profiling a father of a Makor Chaim schoolmate of the two 16-year-old kidnapped boys. He is also Dr. Dudi Mishali, a 20-year Tel HaShomer baby heart surgeon. He opens the chests of […]

  • And you think *America* takes its guns seriously?

    Oddly, it’s much cheaper to purchase a mineral-water gun.

  • When you end up in the girls’ Purim costume aisle in Bet Shemesh

    Mom of the year spent a couple hours today exploring the Purim costume scene in Bet Shemesh. I never really did that before because – a. my oldest has wanted to be Mordechai HaYehudi for the last two years and bathrobe + makeup beard + paper crown = score! b. I never had that much […]

  • Workshop in Advanced Citizenship

    There’s nothing to make you feel more a part of a society’s special mosaic than to find yourself arriving at the sealed entrance of the Unemployment Office, joining a small mob of people across all of Israeli demographics, all staring at the printout sloppily taped to the heavy doors… …that the ministry is on strike.

  • Snow in Tzur Hadassah: Who said this isn’t Switzerland? [PHOTOS]

    There’s this inside joke here… sometime a couple years ago they started hanging hopeful signs around garbage points in Tzur Hadassah: If no one made it dirty, this could be like Switzerland.  After four days of heavy snow, warm clothes, sledding, and beautiful views… Well, I’d have to say we came pretty freakin close for […]