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  • Have a taste of Gan Eden.

    Man oh man, I almost took a bite of this… Can’t imagine what could be worse than childbirth, eh ladies? Also, I love that the company is called Beresheit.

  • How do you like them Apples?

    Go retro! Between combing through my old bedroom for crap to throw away and bringing up the Passover dishes for the big Switch, I managed to recover two blasts from the past. The Passover dishes – for 20+ years – have always been stored in this old box: Anyone else remember growing up with the…

  • Am I a Mac or am I a PC?

    The last time I entered this debate was in 2001. It was my sophomore year of college and it was time to buy my first laptop. I had been using a 5-year-old Compaq desktop, donated by my father for the greater academic cause. I chose the iBook – it, too, was a sophomore (at least,…