How do you like them Apples?

Go retro! Between combing through my old bedroom for crap to throw away and bringing up the Passover dishes for the big Switch, I managed to recover two blasts from the past.

The Passover dishes – for 20+ years – have always been stored in this old box:

Anyone else remember growing up with the Original Apple? Was it as pretentious then as it is now?

Under my bed I found the box that my old 2001 edition iBook came in. That iBook was a load of fun for a total of a few months before it became clear that its generation had a genetic disorder having to do with across-the-board faulty motherboards. Oh, and for those wondering, that whole megillah is the main reason why I have a strong aversion to Apple products.

But I still love the real thing… Nothing’s sweeter than an edible Macintosh.





Whadya got: