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  • Zooey update: Two years

    Zooey update: Two years

    You’ve been watching us for two years, and now you’re coming out… lessons in dolls, headbands, jewelry… lessons in ‘enough!’ and hitting back… lessons in climbing to the top bunk… lessons in dogs and cats and preemptive barking… lessons in wanting to do it all, by yourself… and teaching us to never underestimate you, and […]

  • 5 commandments of returning from vacation.

    Assigning myself 5 commandments of going back to work after a somewhat off the grid week of vacation. You are not limitless. Saying no is not a special occasion; it’s a standard. You are not 2- or 3-dimensional. There has to be more than work and home. You are not worth any less than your […]

  • Another #dinovember, more questions.

    “Really, ima. Do you do it?” It was a heavy one, and I’m kinda not sorry that #dinovember 2016 is officially closed… View the album here.

  • What is #dinovember? And other jurassic questions.

    Is it 2016 and you’re still doing dinovember? Is it 2016 and you’re still not doing dinovember? Ok, point taken. So what is it, again? A chance to tap into the creativity you haven’t accessed since childhood. Also, a chance to freak your kids out. How does one do dinovember? Here’s a quick how-to on […]

  • From homeless wooden frame to family centerpiece: upcycle crafts!

    From homeless wooden frame to family centerpiece: upcycle crafts!

    Another craft complete, from start to finish! A couple months ago I found a few naked, damaged wooden frames tossed by the trash and I took them home (cue huz’s eyeroll and kids’ nonstop questions). This was a true team effort: I took the frames, daughter had been collecting flower petals on the side, huz […]

  • Not just a fairy tale: the Determined Mother, the Five-Year-Old, and the Princess Birthday Party

    While I knew I couldn’t hold out forever, I didn’t think it would be this soon. Bebe proudly declared: “I want a princess party this year!” Always up for a challenge, I knew I could make this work –  make my daughter insanely happy at her 5-year birthday party while pass down and keep some […]

  • 5 metaphors that describe my working motherhood right now

    Just for fun, because I just finished working and it’s after 10pm, here are five metaphoric-idiomic examples I can think of off the top of my head that describe my experience right now as a fairly career-driven, family-driven, career driven, family driven, career and family driven working mom. I’m on a roller coaster that in […]

  • Working mom chronicles: 4 skills I’ve proudly mastered

    Good evening, fellow working parents! Are you relaxed after a long day of <fill in various blanks>? Let’s not focus on the negative. Sure, being a full time working parent of multiple children, equipped with the partnership of a similarly full time working parent is, well, rough. But there are perks! I’ve picked up new […]

  • Another year, another Bibi, another election.

    Surprise surprise, I am undecided and it is nearly midnight on the night before Israeli elections. Here, every vote actually counts. Elections are a big game, a day at the casino. You’re not necessarily voting for who you believe in at any given time – you’re weighing who may take the biggest slice, who has […]

  • Snow responsibly: Extreme Weather Guide for Israelis 2015

    It’s (become) the most wonderful time of the year: snow in Israel! Going strong three years in a row (thanks, climate oddities). Predictions are that the coming snowstorm this Wednesday will be pretty intense, though possibly less than last year. So, yeah, my kids totally think ‘mageya la’hem’ snow. Can’t blame them. Nothing makes me prouder […]

  • Fifty-Two Frames: Red

    Week 49: Red After ballet.

  • Fifty-Two Frames: …Looks Like This

    Week 48: …looks like this Patience looks like this.