Ashkelon: city of love…

...or at least, 24 hours of comfortable R&R. Last week the huz and I snuck away for an overnight at a hotel on the beach in Ashkelon... since Bubbe is in town. Well, come on; it's not all luna parks and kassams:

A slice of weekend life 'round here.

It's Sunday today, which really means it's Monday - aka, the beginning of the work week - aka, I miss the weekend already. Here's a slice of my weekend so we can all treasure it together and breathe through to next Shabbat:

City feature: Namal Tel Aviv

The area of the Tel Aviv port - נמל תל אביב - (right before Beach Mezizim) is one of those situations where ugly warehouses went for cheap rent, so trendy designers and cafes opened shop and now all the trendy wendys go out there a beautiful day to shop, eat, chat, ponder life, and whatever... Continue Reading →

City feature: Ashkelon

It's not hard to imagine immense burnout after a vacation-less summer, so this past weekend we ditched Jerusalem and ventured to Ashkelon. For a lot of people, the coastal city of Ashkelon is not the first place they'd go for a break. But for us, it was a great idea: relaxing, quiet, sunny and plenty... Continue Reading →

City feature: Yafo

This is Yafo or Jaffa, the second half of the area known as Tel Aviv-Yafo. Historically it's always been a port city and today you can see the ancient ports as well as the modern docks. Its residents are both Arabs and Jews and has a healthy list of places to see and things to... Continue Reading →

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