City feature: Ashkelon

It’s not hard to imagine immense burnout after a vacation-less summer, so this past weekend we ditched Jerusalem and ventured to Ashkelon.

For a lot of people, the coastal city of Ashkelon is not the first place they’d go for a break. But for us, it was a great idea: relaxing, quiet, sunny and plenty of beach. A home away from home, if you will, considering the neighborhood we live in.

It’s also a popular spot for visiting French tourists, and we were actually the only Anglos around for miles (vacation enough for me). The residents of Ashkelon tend to be either Mizrachi or Russian. It’s sandwiched between Gaza to the south and Ashdod to the north. Its beaches are quieter and cleaner than Tel Aviv’s, since it’s a less populated city.






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    Pictures look great. When were you there?

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