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  • Homebirth in Israel.

    UPDATE (April 2011): After this post was written, down the road, for my second child, we did a home birth in our apartment in Tzur Hadassah. I’ve got more info on the subject now from firsthand experience and am happy to share: My home birth story: Israel, Tzur Hadassah, apartment, bedroom. Registering your newborn after […]

  • On preparing, inside and out.

    It’s amazing how the female body prepares itself for birth during pregnancy.  There’s the obvious: the beefing up on body mass, the need for sleep, the extending belly.  There’s the less obvious: the slowed metabolism, the hyper hormone production, the  nesting habits. There are bi-products: the heartburn, the gallstones, the stocking up on vitamin E.  Then there’s […]

  • Birthing in Jerusalem hospitals.

    As my third trimester quickly approaches, I’ve been getting serious about touring and registering at hospitals, considering alternative birthing options and doing the doula dance. Yep, this is the ‘bureaucratic’ and technical aspect of being pregnant. In the last month we’ve done hospital tours in two popular Jerusalem hospitals: Hadassah Ein Karem and Shaarei Tzedek. […]