On preparing, inside and out.

It’s amazing how the female body prepares itself for birth during pregnancy. 

There’s the obvious: the beefing up on body mass, the need for sleep, the extending belly. 

There’s the less obvious: the slowed metabolism, the hyper hormone production, the  nesting habits.

There are bi-products: the heartburn, the gallstones, the stocking up on vitamin E. 

Then there’s the subconsious: all the ways your mind repairs and heals itself in anticipation for serving as a role model for a new life. A magnificent function of the human brain.

It manifests itself in different ways. Spontaneously you might spring into a completion conversation with someone you hold dear; perhaps your own mother. Or you find yourself waking up from dreams about past life figures who left you scarred; dreams realistic in vision and healing in purpose.   

I’ve been lucky in that this pregnancy hasn’t been an emotional, hormonal roller coaster on which I can’t control the speed or depth of the drops. I’m happy to acknowledge that I’ve been able to take this experience day by day, at a pace I can be comfortable with… observing my outside body and my inside mind, changing and forming the person who will become role model – and mother – to a new life.






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