Do Israeli kids ever learn the fire safety lesson?

The answer, sadly, is no. There is an unhealthy Israeli-Jewish obsession with fire in the springtime. It starts today - with Biyur Chametz, the burning of chametz, which is done on erev Pessach. Soon will be Yom Haatzmaut - the national barbecue bonanza, and after that, Lag B'omer, which pretty much celebrates bonfires the way it's done here.... Continue Reading →

Fire preparedness.

No winter, an idiot burning trash, a dry forest - Haifa has way too much light this Chanukah. The news has become international that for the last 24 hours 5,000 acres of Haifa (Carmel) is drowning in the worst fire in Israel's history. Israel is great at being prepared for terrorist threat, thorough in airport... Continue Reading →

Being a Tzur Hadassah housewife.

These days, as you know, I'm a housewife. I'm really not that bored or desperate, as the cliche goes, but I appreciate entertainment when it comes around. Today it came around. For a country built on stones and concrete, I've discussed and seen a few too many fires in my years here. But this one... Continue Reading →

Chillest fire department ever.

So there we are, my roommate and I, out on the mirpeset for a romantic start-of-the-weekend dinner of shippudim when I look up and see… a fire. “Hey, that wasn’t there before, was it?” Indeed, it was not. And it was growing by the second. It was a fire started in some trees, right outside... Continue Reading →

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