Chillest fire department ever.

So there we are, my roommate and I, out on the mirpeset for a romantic start-of-the-weekend dinner of shippudim when I look up and see… a fire.

“Hey, that wasn’t there before, was it?”

Indeed, it was not. And it was growing by the second.

It was a fire started in some trees, right outside the school in the center of Tzur Hadassah.

So my husband calls the fire department… and gets a busy signal.

“Maybe everyone else is calling at the same time?”

He keeps trying till he gets an answer.

“B’derech, b’derech.”

We sit back down and watch the fire grow through the trees. Five minutes go by, ten minutes.

“The fire department is right here, in Bar Giyyora… What the hell?”

After fifteen minutes, he calls again.

“I reported a fire by the school in Tzur Hadassah about fifteen minutes ago… where are you?”

“Ahh… They said the fire was outside the school.”

Hmm. I didn’t go to fire school or anything. But I’m pretty sure fire doesn’t just chill where it starts…

“Duh, I think I’ll just plop down right here, conveniently outside the school so I don’t bother anyone.”

Ten minutes later, the firetruck shows up.


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