The way the Internets are played in Israel.

This is a funny kind of report, funded by Google Israel, but it's still interesting to note: Arabs in Israel blog more than Jews, study finds (or if you can't stomach JPost so well, here's Israel Hayom). It's not surprising that over 70% of Israelis surf the internet. It is kinda interesting to learn that Haredim beat... Continue Reading →

Old school.

Lately it seems like so much of old school life is stopping by to visit; I blame the gosh-darn social networks on the inter-thing. It hit me yesterday that I'm at the stage in life where at any point, I can bump into a kid I was a camp counselor for, 12 years later when... Continue Reading →

You think *this* blog is cool?

Check this out: Shin.Tech Blogs It's a site put together by the Shin Bet (also known as the Shabak), Israel's general security service (like the American FBI). It follows the blogs of four agents who remain anonymous but talk about different angles of their service: י' - המוח הטכנולוגי 'Yud' The technological mind; ח' -... Continue Reading →

Internet Media and me.

I was asked to participate on a panel discussion on Monday, representing Mideast Youth. The panel is called: Internet Media: Strategies and Challenges facing Internet News Web and Blog sites. I think I'll focus on the fact that Mideast Youth is more than a media center or news blog. It's actually about communication between people... Continue Reading →

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