You think *this* blog is cool?

Check this out: Shin.Tech Blogs

It’s a site put together by the Shin Bet (also known as the Shabak), Israel’s general security service (like the American FBI). It follows the blogs of four agents who remain anonymous but talk about different angles of their service:

י’ – המוח הטכנולוגי

‘Yud’ The technological mind;

ח’ – האישה הסודית

‘Chet’ The ‘secret’ woman;

א’ – המומחה

‘Aleph’ – The expert;

נ’ – על חייו הכפולים

‘Nun’ – The double life.

The idea for the Shin Bet was to give potential recruits a peek into the life of a secret service agent. I think it’s also probably nice for these agents to be able to express something in public, however little it may be, since their own families don’t know about their professions.

Of course, it’s all in Hebrew. Plus they don’t seem to update very often… But what do you expect from the people fighting terrorism, drugs, counterespionage?





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