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  • It takes people to conflict.

    In a total understatement, there’s been a lot going on in Israel lately. People say it’s the start of the third intifada (again), while other people call for the third intifada. Stabbings, shootings, stonings, molotov cocktails. Lynch mobs. And the beat plays on: the same media headlines, the same talkbacks, the same Facebook statuses. The…

  • Fifty-Two Frames: Negative Space

    ‘Negative space’ – what a loaded term. Luckily in photography it’s an awesome concept. Unluckily in everyday life right now, didn’t have a of time to explore it. Went with the first idea that came to mind. Week 30: Negative Space Seeking: a partner

  • What’s more complicated than kidnapped teens, baby heart surgery, and life in Israel?

    What’s more complicated than kidnapped teens, baby heart surgery, and life in Israel?

    Day 10. My god. This country. What is more complicated than this goddamn country? This is a news segment on Channel 10 [Hebrew] profiling a father of a Makor Chaim schoolmate of the two 16-year-old kidnapped boys. He is also Dr. Dudi Mishali, a 20-year Tel HaShomer baby heart surgeon. He opens the chests of…

  • What kids (don’t even know they) know.

    Sitting with Bebe on the couch. Flipping through a Time magazine. “Tomatoes!” “Yeah! That’s right.” “Balloons!” “Yup.” “Ima!” She points to the photograph of an unidentified woman holding a picture of Arafat Jaradat, the Palestinian prisoner who died while in Israeli custody. And then she repeats it. “Ima!” And points to me.

  • Co-op drama in Park Slope: Daily Show has it covered.

    I left America to avoid places like Park Slope. So I’ve been hearing bits and pieces of the local Brooklyn grocery co-op drama, where half the members wanted to ban Israeli products and the other half were protesting. Decades-old Israeli-Palestinian conflict? The most ravaged, tragic victims were in Park Slope Brooklyn all along… Of course,…

  • A look at photojournalism, in meta.

    This is really interesting. It’s a photojournalist examining other photojournalists examining their target, which is the Palestinian-Israeli story (which isn’t really the point). The reality behind the zoomed-in reality. By the way, whoever posted the video is not the creator himself so the YouTube title takes it in a more political direction than I think…

  • Palestinian chicken can save Israel.

    Or so believes Larry David. Hey, it’s worth a shot; nothing else has worked. [h/t sabraatheart]