Co-op drama in Park Slope: Daily Show has it covered.

I left America to avoid places like Park Slope. So I’ve been hearing bits and pieces of the local Brooklyn grocery co-op drama, where half the members wanted to ban Israeli products and the other half were protesting.

Decades-old Israeli-Palestinian conflict? The most ravaged, tragic victims were in Park Slope Brooklyn all along…

Of course, The Daily Show covers the story, so watch Co-Occupation with Samantha Bee. I post this despite being a teeny bit embarrassed.

(In fairness, activism is important all over the world when you want your cause to go global. And as a former activist in the States, I know what it means to be on the ground there defending and protecting something – a people, an ideology, a place that means so much to you. But I dunno. Maybe because I live here now, it just seems so trivial.)


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  1. Sarah Avatar

    ParkSlope sounds so much like Berkeley…. Gives me PTSD flashbacks :)

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