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The plumber just high-fived my husband.

We’ve been living here for two and a half months and I still can’t get over how freakin’ nice everyone is around Tzur Hadassah. My landlady is a complete doll (read: Polish) and gets everything fixed for us right away. She’s professional, polite and considerate. This is the exact opposite of the experience we had […]

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Last words for Katamonim.

Well, it’s pretty much the eve of our moving from Jerusalem to Tzur Hadassah. It hit me the other night that I’m leaving the convenience and culture of living in a city; a friend of mine came over to me as we left a party to wish us a good last Shabbat in Jerusalem… And […]

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Sephardi synanogues of Katamonim.

Something I’m going to miss about my little Jerusalem hometown of Katamonim are the amazing Sephardi beitay knesset that pepper the streets: Most of the residents in this neighborhood are some strain of Mizrachi, mainly Kurdish, Bucharian, Moroccan or Yemenite. The synagogues carpeted and fluorescently lit, reflect that. I feel 100% comfortable attending services at […]

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Friday morning on Antignus.

There’s nothing better than waking up on Friday, throwing on some crap clothes, stumbling over to the bourekas guy down the block, buying a bagful of the world’s greatest bourekasim from the world’s cutest bourekas guy, stopping off at the makolet next to home, chatting with the excited makolet guy about how we really missed […]