The plumber just high-fived my husband.

We’ve been living here for two and a half months and I still can’t get over how freakin’ nice everyone is around Tzur Hadassah. My landlady is a complete doll (read: Polish) and gets everything fixed for us right away. She’s professional, polite and considerate.

This is the exact opposite of the experience we had in Katamonim. City folks, of course, are always a bit coarser than country folk. Our landlady was Moroccan and quite… senior. They helped us out and got stuff done, but not with the same flare as this young, career-oriented, property-owning woman.

So the plumber just came, a day after she hunted down his number, a couple days after we told her there was a problem with our dud shemesh. I don’t know if he lives in Tzur Hadassah, or in the country side, or if he just loves life, but man, that guy had a enormous energy at 7pm.

So I’m sitting here and I hear him and my husband getting into a really exciting conversation. And he high-fives my husband. They have inside dud shemesh jokes now. “After all,” I hear him say, “a dud shemesh is just like a really big kum kum!”

Ah, Israeli country-side plumber jokes.






2 responses to “The plumber just high-fived my husband.”

  1. Benji Avatar

    That subject is freaking hilarious.

  2. Leah Avatar

    Tzur Hadassah is A W E S O M E.
    Wish we could afford to live there! :-(

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