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Fifty-Two Frames: Desolate.

Twas the week before Passover, and all was too busy, …so I ended up forgetting to post that week’s Fifty-Frames photo. The theme embraced the calm before the storm, the serious quiet of Israeli streets – and supermarkets – before the big holiday family-size lock down. Week 14: Desolate. The calm before the chag.

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The fish, the shark and Passover.

When Gilad Shalit was 11, he wrote a short story called “When the Shark and the Fish First Met.” Though it seems this was originally published and spread around in 2008, I only came across it now via Facebook shares. It resonates with me because I did a lot of short story writing when I was […]

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Matzah in nature.

I love how you can spend a Passover day in Central Park and leave a matzah trail for all the other ‘Yids’ on vacation: Like charedis at a nature preserve, matzah bits settled on leaves and rocks is slightly out of place.

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American taste since…

Ah, the good old days. Pesach celebrated with the family back in America. My grandmother’s Sephardi dishes, my brothers’ haggadah-reading entertainment.  And of course, who could hold an American Pesach seder with the family without this gem of an experience:  Kedem grape juice! I know plenty of American olim who claim that it’s better than […]

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Ma nishtana ha Pessach ha ze?

What makes this Passover different from all other Passovers? It’s the first one where I’m making my own seder while combining the traditions I grew up experiencing with someone else and his own traditions. I feel like this is the type of thing we all think about and wonder as kids (ok maybe just those […]

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A little thing about home(land) cooking.

There is something so completely special – when you can look past the depressing, lonely, sad aspects – about being an olah in Israel, cooking your family’s traditional Passover recipes for your own seder with fellow olim… My grandmother is far far away, but here I am, across the world, continuing her delicious traditions and […]


The Computer Engineer's Haggadah.

Had to share this email I got at work today. Bear with me, I work in the hi tech realm; therefore, I thought this was funny: The Computer Engineer’s Haggadah Release ISRAEL ISRAEL running in slave mode, cannot release Set ISRAEL;mode=master Pharaoh already running in master mode, cannot change ISRAEL Set Pharaoh;mode=slave Command ignored Load […]

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A Passover bonus for everyone.

This is sweet. My company gave us our usual Passover bonuses in the form of gifts bought via Sderot, so that Sderot vendors make some money off of the deal as opposed to vendors elsewhere. Since the population of Sderot has been suffering for years now, and business has suffered along with it, there has […]

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A Passover theme to helping Sudanese refugees in Israel.

Pessach is a week and a half a way. Obviously I’ve been leaving everything until next week, but if you’re not, good for you. And if you’re trying to figure out what to do with all your leftover chametz – breads, pastas, crackers, snacks etc. – there’s a new idea beside selling it: The Jerusalem […]