Fifty-Two Frames: Technology.

I love how the week's theme tends to occupy my perspective between Sundays. It started with a truck, fascinating Koala, Bebe and I down the block from our building. It was a one-armed truck pulling giant bags of sand over a fence. It ended with me sweating under the summer sun, arranging a bouquet of gadgets in... Continue Reading →

Israeli Innovation.

When I think of 'Israeli Innovation' here are some of the associations I make: micro chips water purification desert irrigation swallow-able pill-cameras Google, Intel, IBM R&D centers Uzis What I don't think of is... hair conditioner. I did pretty well though for 10 shekel. Product of the year!

We are more computers than people.

Fun stat: Israel has more computers per person than any other country, according to The Economist. Yes, I am surprised, despite knowing that Israelis are very into technology and hi tech is a major industry here. It may be a country of technology, but at times it feels five years behind. That said, they never... Continue Reading →

For a clean Israeli environment.

Like everyone else, I've been thinking a lot about what my society has done for the environment and what long term changes are being made as the world-at-large starts paying attention to the state of the Earth. I know that on the whole, everything that anyone has done has been a drop in the green... Continue Reading →

ICQ Toothpaste: Because you never know.

The Israeli hi tech world is alive and...  brushing. Gizmodo posted that the Israeli software company that created ICQ, the instant messenger we all lost our virginity to, teamed up with an Israeli pharmaceutical company and together have created this bad boy of a Frankenstein: That's right, ICQ toothpaste. Why, you inevitably ask? The Israeli... Continue Reading →

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